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Veranstaltungen der btS Freiburg

Firmenkontaktmesse ScieCon Digital Herbst 2021 21.10.2021 TalentSpace

Many Companies - One Path - Your Job
Dear Life Sciences people!

We invite you to digitally immerse yourself in the world of life sciences and get to know potential employers at the ScieCon Digital Herbst 2021 on October 21nd, 2021!

At the ScieCon Digital Herbst, you can get in touch with company representatives via video chat, find out more about the companies at virtual booths and establish valuable contacts. For an optimal preparation of your career entry, you can choose from numerous offers of our diverse supporting program: Attend expert lectures, follow a panel discussion, take advantage of our free CV check and much more!

Participation in the ScieCon Digital Herbst 2021 is free of charge!

You do not need any further downloads to participate in the ScieCon Digital Herbst 2021. We use the browser-based platform TalentSpace.

For news about ScieCon Digital Herbst 2021, check on our ScieCon social media channels and also on our homepage bts-sciecon.de/digital-herbst!

We are already looking forward to seeing you!